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Texas church now in perfect harmony with myMix Audio

Texas church now in perfect harmony with myMix Audio

Texas church now in perfect harmony with myMix Audio


Hurricane Laura struck Bridge City United Pentecostal Church (BCUPC) in 2020, forcing the congregation to temporarily relocate to the Family Life Center. Services continued with an analogue sound system that was located within the Family Life Center during reconstruction of the main facility. As part of the church rebuild, the team decided that the 15-year-old digital sound system including IEM’s was going to be upgraded to a Dante-based Digital System, featuring seventeen myMix ll personal monitor mixers connected to a myMix Control providing spatial sound with various mix options and a simple user interface.

Tom Schneider, BCUPC’s FOH engineer, has been working with the church for over thirty years since 1980. The church’s original IEM effort relied on a mono IEM audio configuration, which became a distraction for the musicians, due to a lack of natural spatial content. "Since the brain has the ability to distinguish between mere milliseconds of delay in sound arrivals at left and right ears, and naturally compares or indexes information from all senses, it cannot reconcile a mono audio input against other sensory data regarding the acoustical environment,” Schneider explained. “It wasn’t until I started planning this current installation and began researching available IEM solutions that I came across myMix.”

The primary reason for the upgrade was acoustical challenges caused by highly reflective surfaces in the main sanctuary. It was determined that replacing floor wedges with IEM’s, together with acoustical treatment would provide the desired intelligibility. “I did an evaluation of the top systems, but what pushed me over the threshold was myMix’s approach to providing selectable effects on each channel according to the user’s requirements,” Schneider continued.

Over the years, the musicians grew to dislike the old IEM system so much that Schneider reverted to floor wedges. “When I started reading myMix literature about spatiality it dawned on me that what I had observed in my team was mental fatigue, resulting from the brains’ effort to identify a left/right delay in the signals from the ears that matched the room information provided by the eyes and other senses,” Schneider noted.

The myMix ll personal monitor mixers and myMix Control were installed into the new Dante-system along with sound treatments mounted on the walls to extend the reach of the sound. Soon, the Praise team was introduced to the user-friendly IEM system, which allowed for personal customisations that can be transferred to different myMix mic stations.

“The singers like that I am able to move their mixes around with them when they get a different mic assignment,” Schneider explained. “A number of the team members have commented how clear it is, they described the sound as perfect. Some said they didn’t want to ever go back to the floor wedges.”

The result of the upgrade has been a very natural and energetic interaction between the music team and the congregation. “For a music team to be effective, they must be immersed in the music they are creating. It’s rewarding. The singers sound amazing. I rarely have to help anyone now with their mix.”

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