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The NAB Show 2022

The NAB Show 2022

The NAB Show 2022

Three years after the last event, the organisers of the NAB Show 2022 was aiming to completely reinvent the visitor experience by presenting a content lifecycle through four curated “collections”: Create, Connect, Capitalize and Intelligent Content. Each collection provided Inspiration, Innovation and Implementation zones, exhibits and targeted learning sessions to help professionals as the industry reopens.

“As a platform for millions of dollars in commerce, the NAB Show is pivotal in ushering in the latest innovations propelling content forward and leading our community into new territory,” said Chris Brown, NAB executive vice president and managing director of Global Connections and Events. “We are excited for attendees and exhibitors to experience the curated journeys available on our reimagined convention floor as we get back to doing business face to face.”

The NAB Show footprint was reduced this year, and compared to show statistics from April 2019, exhibitors were down from around 16,000 to the 1,000 mark, while attendance had almost halved, from 91,460 to 52,468. To the surprise of many, overseas visitors were very much in attendance, with representation from 155 countries compared to 2019’s 160. And with masks not required, and a very small minority of people wearing them, NAB 2022 felt in many ways like a tradeshow of old.

Chris Black, Virzt:

“We didn’t know what to expect, although we knew generally how many people were coming and prearranged all our meetings. Actually being here, we were surprised. We saw new faces, some from Bangkok and others from Taipei, yet in terms of market segments it is still the same as before: mostly people from AV and broadcast. I think we’ve forgotten how important these face-to-face meetings are, and it has been fantastic to build up these relationships again. At the last NAB, we had an over-the-top sized, augmented reality booth. Now our booth is designed more for people, and I think others had the same idea. Products are displayed, yet meeting people is more important. NAB 2020 has been a positive event for us and from what I have seen so far, we are happy.”

Ryan Brenneman, Mobile Video Devices (Magewell distributor for the Americas):

“Finally, we are getting the opportunity for people to put hands on products that can be incorporate into workflows. During the pandemic, we could only talk about products and make announcements, which is difficult for someone to grasp what a product can do. I am really surprised at the number of people who travelled from outside the US. We are getting a lot of people from South America and further away. The quality of people is no different than in past years. The volume is down a bit, but I don’t see any less value in the people coming in. It’s good to see people feeling comfortable traveling again.”

James Liu, Absen:

“Traffic is more than expected and most of the floor is occupied; after a two-year hiatus, people are looking forward to coming back and meeting in person. NAB plays an important role, and overall feedback from customers has given us confidence to be here. Our products have evolved since the last show in 2019 due to changes in the market. In 2022 we’re showing a virtual production solution, whereas in 2019 we did not have this.”

Patrick Prothe, Audinate:

“The NAB Show has not been as busy as in years past but, surprisingly, the traffic flow has been decent. We were always going to come to NAB 202, but we were watching month by month to see if or when people would come back to tradeshows, to decide our strategy. Our big announcement at NAB 2022 is Dante Studio, a software video platform that brings video features to PC. What caught my eye was how big and futuristic the new West Hall, where all the Artificial Intelligence and automation solutions are being shown, is for NAB.”

Gustavo Robles, AEQ:

“We are very happy to be back; from the minute we left Spain to coming to NAB, I was very excited about being here. Even if we meet just one new customer, it is better than staying at home. At NAB 2022, we are introducing our XSPEAK, a matrix-less intercom system for remote production.

Bob Boster, Clear-Com:

“The show has exceeded my expectations. We made NAB plans to be flexible, to give us space to talk to people in potentially socially distanced situations; less gear and more relationship and reconnection time. That has paid off and we’ve been as busy as we need to be. We’ve focused on the very new products and releases from the last two years that people haven’t had a chance to interact with. This year, visitors are coming in smaller, more controlled groups. We’ve seen people from Australia and Vietnam, but overall it’s quieter internationally, with nobody from China. The value of tradeshows still exists, though we’ve had to adapt to new marketing approaches during Covid. We’ll still look to tradeshows to connect with people, yet we also have to incorporate these new marketing approaches with the same amount of limited resources. I think it will be a challenge to keep the same level of commitment to tradeshows as we incorporate these new ‘learned’ marketing approaches.”

Bob Caniglia, Blackmagic Design:

“The show has exceeded our expectations. We sent out preannouncements which helped people show up to our booth with good questions from the start, rather than discovering what the products were at the show and then coming back later with questions, and that helped us have a better show.”

Shane Rodbourn, Facilis:

“It has been great to reengage with customers. We can do all the GoTo and Zoom meetings we want, yet being at NAB proves this is still a relationship business. We have a smaller booth with less people and less kit because we were unsure of attendance, and we didn’t know if this was going to be a contactless show so we were unsure of how many marketing brochures to bring. Yet NAB 2022 has ended up being a show like earlier editions.”

Keyur Parikh, GatesAir:

“The quality of the attendees has been fantastic. We normally bring big transistors to NAB, but we scaled down a bit and now have kiosks, which provide enough information. For the future we are looking at replacing or supplementing the kiosks with virtual reality goggles to give customers a 3D look inside a transmitter, without the expense of bringing the equipment to the show floor.”

Karl Winkler, Lectrosonics:

“We are definitely talking to a high quality of customers: motivated and aware. During the lull of the past two years we’ve introduced five major products. We have a slightly smaller booth this year, but we brought everything from networked audio products to matrix mixers to portable install wireless systems and IP systems. At this show most people are looking for production audio solutions for film, video and TV production and that centres these days around portable equipment.”

Andreas Hilmer, Lawo:

“I am very happy to be back at NAB meeting clients. We’ve launched major products over the last three years and now we’re introducing the .edge video infrastructure platform at NAB 2022. From a marketing perspective, we really evolved due to the pandemic, and what we started will not go away. We will come back to tradeshows because clients don’t just buy a product, they buy a solution from people that will around for a while, so the face-to-face meetings create trust. You can gather information on the internet, but the psychological aspect of meeting people is missing.”

Amanda Dixon, MRMC:

“The show has been really good. We have our robots out in the lobby and on our booth and they are attracting attention. We have clients coming in from the broadcast and pro AV market; it feels back to normal.”

Ryan Shelton, Group One:

“This show has exceeded our expectations. The attendance is down but the quality of person is high. In terms of our booth size and staffing we are back to normal. DiGiCo has been around for 20 years, yet we still find people who have never touched one of our products, and there is nothing like a trade show to demonstrate them.”

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