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Klang brings immersive mixing to CLA

Klang brings immersive mixing to CLA

Klang brings immersive mixing to CLA


Christian Life Assembly (CLA) in Langley City, Canada decided to upgrade its audio equipment by investing in a DiGiCo SD12 digital mixing console and a KLANG immersive IEM mixing system, all of which has been installed by Ellis Pro Media. This system includes four KLANG:vier units and a KLANG:quelle.

The new KLANG:vier units are used to support in-ear mixes for up to five musicians, while the KLANG:quelle reinforces four channels of Dante-enabled digital-to-analogue conversion and high-quality headphone amplifiers. Additionally, this new system can interface with an SD12 via a Ferrofish A32 Dante 32x32 AD/DA convertor which also links to a DiGiCo Dante interface card. Outputs to the Dante stream include four vocal channels, two mono electric guitar channels, two stereo pairs for the keyboard, a bass channel, ambiance mics and speaking group. Each musician can control each of their input levels and immersive spatial positioning using the KLANG:app which is installed on either one of the church’s Android tablets or their own smartphone.

‘Being a house of worship, a lot of our technical endeavours depend on the kind dedication of volunteers,’ said Will Lee, the assistant technical director of CLA. ‘This is why DiGiCo and KLANG have been such a pleasant surprise. They are high-level technical products, loaded with features and used by industry professionals everywhere, but the signal paths and functions are laid out logically in ways that are easy to navigate for even an intermediately skilled volunteer. That is my greatest praise for these products. They have the end user in mind. They are not technical bottlenecks in our projects; they are creative doorways that allow us to think big.’

This is particularly helpful since CLA also rents the auditorium and makes the in-house technology, including the KLANG system, available to visitors. ‘At first, they’re surprised by how it works and that it’s right there on their phone or one of our tablets,’ said Lee. The app’s graphic interface shows a representation of the user’s head and the available input sources, so operation of the system is intuitive, he said. ‘I don’t have to explain much – here are your channels, here’s your head, let’s place everything around your head. They’ve been enjoying it.’

For Lee, the new setup was his first real encounter with IP audio networking. ‘KLANG was my first introduction to using Dante and Dante Controller,’ he furthered. ‘It’s important to be mindful of how networks and wireless spaces work. That has stretched me, because I come from an audio background, but it’s been a nice introduction, because audio is trending toward breaching the IT space.’

Finally, services are live streamed to the Internet using a feed from the DiGiCo desk. ‘That was an interesting challenge to solve,’ he reported. ‘We are sending our master out and also room and ambient mics, so I mapped out the signal paths and calculated the delay from the mains to the room mics. I’m able to send one mono signal out to our live stream that has all the delay compensation in it. It took a while to figure out the physics, but it works great.’

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